Monday, June 1, 2009

Updated FAQ!

It's been over a year since my last one and I feel like talking about myself. So, FAQ 2009:

Q. Are you from here?
A. No, I'm from Wisconsin. I moved to Portland from Louisville, KY in January.

Q. Why don't you have an accent?
A. My folks are from Illinois and I grew up in a college town. Though since living in Louisville, I put a Southern twang on some words.

Q. Why Portland?
A. I've wanted to live in the Northwest since high school and I *had* four friends living here. Two have since moved back to Louisville. Also, it's good for my comics "career".

Q. What can I get for you?
A. Nothing. I don't even know why I came to this bar, it's not like I have any money.

Q. What do you do?
A. I'm currently unemployed, so mostly I look for jobs, draw and drink. Sometimes I sew stuff. Also, I have an internship doing historical research for a graphic novelist.

Q. Will you sew me something?
A. Will you pay me for it?

Q. Are you in school?
A. Yes, I am taking Japanese at Portland Community College.

Q. How are you?
A. A little bit stressed out, occasionally lonely and usually hungry. Otherwise, doin' pretty good.

Q. Are you going to blah blah blah house show this weekend?
A. I don't know. I keep having ridiculous anxiety fits everytime I go out.

Q. Will you bring me bread?
A. I don't work at a bakery anymore, sorry dude.

Q. What's your degree in?
A. I have a history degree, with an emphasis in East Asian history.

Q. Who cuts your hair?
A. Rachel, Meagan or Daniel.

New additions for Portland:

Q. Whatever happened with you and ______?
A. Fuck if I know.

Q. Who are you?
A. I'm Paris' roommate.

Q. Need anything from the Food Whole?
A. Nah, I'm good.

Q. Since you can't get a job, why don't you just go to grad school?
A. I want to get residency first and I don't even know if PSU has the program I want and it'll take a bunch of work but mostly I'm just SCARED!

Q. Know how I know you're gay?
A. Because I listen to Coldplay?

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