Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Day in Portland


On Sunday at Comics & Coffee we played a game, and this was the result. Each player writes three random sentences and throws them in a hat with the other player's. Then each player draws three and has to incorporate all three sentences into the dialogue. Can you guess which are the three I picked?
I managed to make mine pretty normal, something you might run into any given day in Laurelhurst Park. I like to imagine that Carla (the girl) is Shaun's long-suffering ex-girlfriend. She is too soft-hearted to refuse his invitation to lunch even though she has an inkling of what it might involve. And Shaun is pretty oblivious; he is so in his own world that his attempts to remain friends with his ex just come off as mild insanity.

And yeah, I will be making Shit's Binoculars t-shirts as soon as I get some money or a generous friend who can screenprint.

Yesterday was Arian's birthday! I <3 him a ton!


Liv Mershon said...

yo girl. i can screenprint. when i get back from venice we'll talk.

milkyboots said...

Hells yeah! You're binoculars!

Paul said...

I want to see that terrified duck on a shirt.