Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yeah - I like to namedrop.

It's just cause I like places and want you to give them your money.


I had quite a day yesterday; meeting another blogging friend, battling inner drunk demons, solving a mystery, pondering the great philosophical questions of human interaction, traversing a dark cave full of bro-dawgs, narrowly avoiding being involved in a fight with bro-dawgs, aggressively buying my roommate a sandwich, wandering all over the NE and NoPo clutching a jam jar full of raspberry vodka (when asked to explain this, the only reply appropriate is "That's just how I roll."), planning art projects, chatting with the ever-friendly Portland PD, watching late night B Ball games, learning about 'happy birthday racism', experiencing time more slowly than the rest of humanity, etc.

My life is a constant stream of awesome, somehow!

PS - Send me more guest comics!

PSS - I finally updated my food blog.

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