Thursday, June 4, 2009



And the 'Is semen vegan?' debate rages on, to no one's particular interest.

I am really happy with how everyone looks on this page, besides my head being way too big in panel three and Arian, who I can never seem to get quite right. Oh yeah, and that's not hair on Matt, it's tattoos.

I got a job yesterday. Vaca is over! However, t-shirts are still for sale! Have an excellent weekend ... let's get together again on Sunday.

Friday Update: Today I drew this. Again, head's too big.


onlyembry said...

i thought matt had on a coolsweater! ah hahahha
that arian guy's cartoon is pretty hott. you should do it to all these dudes

milkyboots said...

LOL! I'll get on that right away.

Japes said...

maybe its my awful beard. O rmaybe I've just gone off the deep end. yeah I think its the latter.

milkyboots said...

Neither is what I was thinking, but whatevs.