Sunday, April 6, 2008


Sorry, Wool, no comics yet.

All the other comics I read have an FAQ section, so I wanted to do one, but of questions I actually get asked frequently. So here it is: the Milkyboots FAQ

Q. Are you from here?
A. No, I'm from Wisconsin. I moved here two years ago.

Q. Why don't you have an accent?
A. My folks are from Illinois and I grew up in a college town.

Q. Why Louisville?
A. It seemed like a neat place. Rent's cheap, there's lots of cool abandoned stuff.

Q. What can I get for you?
A. A vodka soda, no wait, a bourbon and water ... wait, shit (rifles through wallet) a PBR, I guess.

Q. What do you do?
A. Sigh. I HATE this question. I remember first being asked this in Philly, in a condescending, skeptical tone by some asshole at a bar ... I never got asked in Madison, cause everyone assumes you're a college student. What the fuck do you mean, what do I do? For fun, for money? What do you do? Go around asking people broad, pointless questions, that's what. Be more specific if you're trying to get to know me.

Ahem. I am a part-time barista. I also write, sew, knit and draw.

Q. Will you knit me something?
A. No.

Q. Are you in school?
A. No.

Q. How are you?
A. I'm alright. It's been a weird year.

Q. Are you going to Fuzion this week?
A. I don't know. I keep getting drunk and falling in love with everyone on the dance floor.

Q. Will you bring me bread?
A. Yes, I'm the bread fairy.

Q. What's your degree in?
A. I have a history degree, with an emphasis in East Asian history.

Q. Who cuts your hair?
A. JWoolard, holla!

And also, since Julia Wertz did it and I'm feeling self-absorbed, I'm going to list my nicknames and who calls me/called me them.

little sweetums (my papa)
Giniabinia (Bryan)
Ginbin (Bryan)
Virg (Lisa, Gretchen)
Ginia (various)
Ginny (you have to be special to get away with calling me this)
Virginnyninny (Mariah)
V (Dan Brouchoud)
VP (Alissa)
VA (my old boss, Tyler)
Vcard (Jolaina, Gretchen)
Bitch (Daniel)
Wifey (Liv)
Boyfriend (Amy)
Virginia Friend (Laura Read, Trevor)
Virgina/Vargina (Everyone ever. Grrrr.)


milkyboots said...

I have to add another one. Gretchen's been calling me 'Virgie' lately. (Once she even called me 'VirgieFergie'!)

milkyboots said...

Two more:

VirgyPoo (Gretchen)
VG (Kirby)