Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stumptown Pt. 4


An explanation, panel by panel!

1. I made cookies to give away both days. They did not really help sales.
2. When I got on the 8 the bus driver was arguing with a woman who was on her cell phone. She refused to get off the bus, so the bus driver turned the bus off and called the cops, leaving me to walk the 12 blocks to the Lloyd Center with a heavy bag and a cracked rib. Luckily another bus came after about five blocks. It was fucking stupid and it made me late.
3. There were a lot of kids at the Fest, and I was stuck between the very kid-friendly Alter-Egos Society and Multnomah Co. Library. I managed to steer most of them away, but these two tweens in prom dresses liked my style.
4. He was talking about one of the drawings I had for sale.
5. Meagan actually had a really good time.
6. ...
7. !
8. This is a fairly common problem with female-female friendships, at least for me. I guess it's bound to happen if all your lady friends are ridiculously talented, devastatingly intelligent and hot as hell. I'm lucky!

Oh yeah, and check out my roomie Paris' blog! It's got his awesome artwork on it.


That One Guy! said...

Comics are always enjoyable in my book (ha!), but they're twice as enjoyable when you can get the artist to sign their work. Thanks for signing mine. I love your stuff.

Japes said...

P.S. I make a wonderful B.F. Just not right now. Who said that I can't tell.

好文 said...
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