Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's Get Delusional.


For the record, Jesse has been really nice to me since. And yes, I am a tattle-tale.

Alright. I am going on vacation. People keep telling me my stuff is no longer coherant. I am going to take a week off, find a job and try to figure out what's changed.

See ya.

UPDATE: Paul writes real good. Read it.


Derek said...

Whoever is telling you you're stuff is no longer coherent is wrong.

And he (or she) dresses funny.

And has bad breath.

And a comb-over.

Or is it "whomever."

More please!

Enjoy your vacation!

April Mayhem said...

something has changed..... i am not sure i can place it tho.

milkyboots said...

Alright, here's my theory: it's been incoherant because my life is pretty incoherant right now. Really ... like, nothing stable going on right now. And it's reflected in the writing.

Or I just haven't been practicing writing. Which I haven't been.

Or it's because I keep getting ordered what to include by Rach and Meagan.

What a fucking mess. I'll fix it.