Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stumptown Pt. 3


Aaaanndd ... a ton of crotch shots, just for April!

And ... in response to Mo's comment, I really don't want sympathy and/or comparisons. I'm just trying to show how crazy you can make yourself without realizing it. IE ... veggie booty is not lunch, bourbon is not dinner, 5 hours drunk sleep is not enough, take your vitamins, you have strength you don't know, don't confuse your truth with your pain, you may be awesome but it still ends up that you have to do everything alone.

And, I've got about 6 months left on my "I had the shittiest year ever" credit; can't touch this.

And, please note: Japes' croakie.

And, finally, let's go Blazers!

Goddamn, I write these way better drunk ...


Japes said...

you put my croaky in like 3 issues ago. I noticed and i like! Lets hang out this week?

April Mayhem said...

wooooh crotch shots! not enough detail tho!