Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whoa! It's Over!

My first convention! I just got home. It was fun, and I've got something special for the blog too. Yesterday was Thunder over Louisville, which means it's been exactly a year since I started drawing for my zines. So, as a treat/fun exercise, I redrew those first two pages. Man I used to be wordy!



Coincidentally, the feeling of those is remarkably close to what I've been feeling lately.

But, srsly, Stumptown was awesome! Rach, John, Meagan, Arian, Paris and Japes all came to help out and bring me food which meant pretty much the entire cast was there. I talked to Lucy Knisley in the bathroom, got called 'party girl' by my boss, developed an enormous crush on this artist, hung out with my tablemates from the Alter-Egos Society, tried to make eyes at the Pony Club peeps across the aisle, all while nursing a vicious hangover (yes, both days). Hooray!


j. woolard said...

are you playing telepathy with me, or is there a portland j. woolard comic doppleganger?

milkyboots said...

Nope, that's you.