Thursday, April 2, 2009

Black Bars


Yesterday was a total mess/disaster for everyone in my house, except maybe John, who has an alter-ego to blame all his fuck-ups on. I suck at people and also the Drink-N-Draw thing I did made me keep it "PG". I don't like doing "PG" art. Life isn't "PG". Life is a fantastic, beautiful mess with swearing, boobs, butt plugs, trauma, embarrassment, etc.
I mean, I guess there was a kid there. But no boobies?

Seriously tho, it was fun, I got free food and beer and it was really nice to meet some of the other Stumptown exhibitors.

I had a pretty funny dream last night in which everything that was bothering me before I went to bed got resolved: TEB sent me an email saying the research I did was fine but I didn't need to do quite so much, Japes sent one explaining why he wouldn't sleep over and someone confronted me about lying on my resume (even though I didn't). But of course when I woke up everything was still broken and I still feel like a dumbass.

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