Monday, April 27, 2009

Stumptown Pt. 1


Alright, I'm just gonna skip the days leading up to Stumptown and post these, possibly every day this week?! I know, I know, I'm CRAZY.

The "You have a lot of issues!" comment was my favorite from the weekend. Classic.


Bobbi said...

Oh, honey, we all have alot of issues!

Anonymous said...

I've worked 5 months in the last 2 years, I live with my Mom, in therapy, got rear ended by a teenager yesterday and have to for myself to go to 50 min class.

Do you feel better now!

milkyboots said...

Don't trivialize my shit and I won't trivialize yours.

Kalina said...

oh hi :-) i think that was me, with the issues.

i see you on the zine symposium table list - i'll be tabling there too, my first time, i'm pretty nervous about it and don't have anything finished yet and OMG OMG FEAR. working my ass off to get stuff done in time. anyway - see you there! or actually maybe at Comics & Coffee :-)

milkyboots said...

I was totes nervous about Stumptown, and I'm sure I will be just as nervous about the zine symposium, so you won't be alone!

I will see you at Comics and Coffee!

geminica said...

ah well it won't be *this* comics & coffee after all... i'm still recovering from being sick. argh. next month then.