Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art Show! This Thursday!

So I am going to be in this art show, which is pretty awesome, since being in a Pony Club show is a secret wish of mine. Here are the details:

Opening tomorrow Thursday Feb. 3rd at Pony Club 6-10 PM TODAY'S ANOTHER DAY TO FIND YOU: Art based on A-Ha's seminal Take On Me video! Group Show! 625 NW Everett St., #105
Including art by Emily Nilsson, Chris Cilla, Tim Goodyear, Sean Christensen, Amy Kuttab, Patrick Nilsson, Dylan Williams, Andrice Arp, Greg Means, Virginia Paine, Julia Gfrorer, and more!

Here is a peek at my drawing (sorry about the quality - I still don't have a working scanner at my house, haha.):


The original video is here. And here's the version I grew up listening to!


E*phi said...

Hey, congrats! Hope you had a great vernissage! (Wish I could have been there - when do they finally invent the farcaster...)

milkyboots said...

Thanks! It went well.

PS I just had to look up what a vernissage was, haha.