Sunday, January 30, 2011


As I have not had time to draw this week and since it's the end of the month, I thought maybe it would be a good time to revisit the goals I posted at the beginning of the month! Do you remember?

- yoga twice a week. It's two bucks and it's a five minute bike ride away. Easy peasy.
- finish a new zine by my birthday, doesn't matter which one. (February 8th. I'm turning 30!)
- get those damn clutches and wallets done by the end of the month.
- make myself draw and then post on here, at least once a week, for the rest of the month.

- start that sweater.

So, how well did I do? Pretty well, I think:
-I've been going to yoga fairly often. I missed two classes due to work and illness. Also the gf and I have started doing core exercises.
Milkyboots #12 is pretty much done. I plan on printing it next weekend.
-I finished those damn clutches and wallets! They are for sale in my
etsy store!
-I missed one week (this one). I suppose I still have a day to go.
-I started that sweater! My first intarsia project, which is being done very sloppily.

I also made gravy and granola bars for the first time this month, did a sewing trade for (massive) bike repairs, moved my gf into my house, went to a Trailblazers' game and made earrings! I'm lucky I enjoy being busy.

Having these goals written down made it a lot easier for me to keep them in mind and also to keep them manageable. My to-do lists tend to be long and continuously growing, which makes me feel like I'm never getting anywhere. I think keeping them short will help me not get burnt out. I also decided, after receiving some friendly criticism, that 2011 will be the year I actually finish projects I've been sitting on for years. So, my February goals are:

-Have an awesome birthday!

-Continue going to yoga twice a week and doing core exercises.
-Make bowties for Olivia's birthday and to sell in my etsy shop.

The Courier #1. It's mostly done, I just need to do a few more illustrations.
-Finish half of Just Sayin' #1 (with the long-term goal of having it done by Stumptown Comics Fest.)
-Make an apron for my mom's birthday.

-If I have the time or inclination, make an overnight bag for myself before I go to Austin for

-Do my taxes, because I'm one of those annoying people who gets them done early.

It looks like a lot, but I think it's doable. I will post art from the zine projects instead of or in addition to my diary pages. Okay, let's do it! Here we go February...

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