Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am known for my people-rendering.

So here's something weird: I have yet to put pen to paper in 2011. Okay, not totally true, I drew a friend's engagement party invitation. I get sort of stuck when people ask me to draw things for them (like the Sparkplug catalog cover) and am always like, what should I draw?! Birds, plants, cute kitties? And inevitably, people want me to draw people, because that is what I do, right? I am known for my people-rendering.

Anyway - I haven't really been drawing, but I HAVE NO IDEA what I have actually been doing! A little editing of some fiction for a new zine I'm doing? Hardly, since it's taken me three weeks to get seven pages done. Sewing the huge pile of wallets for etsy and the gf's sister's order of clutches? Nope, they are still sitting there with Scrabble and other things stacked on top of them. Fixing my white dress and all my falling-apart leggings? Knitting myself a new sweater?

I suppose I have been doing boring things that don't actually count as "doing things" like figuring out switching banks (Who can afford to pay $12/mo for checking?! Not me.), getting a new phone, making bread, hosting friends, cooking, watching Community and Skins, trying to entertain my bored cat, etc. I like winter because theoretically it means more inside, doing-things time with less guilt and I usually need to decompress after action-packed summers. Tho, summer 2010 never really got going ...

But also winter drives me crazy because I hate having to layer and it always seems like other people manage to wear way less clothes than me. I miss the sun. I hold myself way tighter because I'm usually cold. I think because of that I got a crazy knot in my back that made it painful to move my right arm for like three days! Winter makes me feel bad about myself and my body, it makes me feel heavy and old and lifeless.

I guess my point is, for all the work I think I will get done during the winter, I usually spend most of it just coping (i.e. beer) or trying to stay mentally healthy, even if it means spending three days doing nothing but reading the internet and playing RPGs. But even that is not particularly healthy. Nor is it actually helping!

So how about some new goals! I'll write them here to make them real, haha.
- yoga twice a week. It's two bucks and it's a five minute bike ride away. Easy peasy.
- finish a new zine by my birthday, doesn't matter which one. (February 8th. I'm turning 30!)
- get those damn clutches and wallets done by the end of the month.
- make myself draw and then post on here, at least once a week, for the rest of the month.
- start that sweater.

I think that's reasonable.

An unrelated note: I wanted to remind y'all about my etsy store! In it you will find various things I've made from skirts to earrings. You can also get the Milkyboots Super Awesome Pack (issues #8 - 11, only $10!); my vegan recipe zine, Food Stamp Foodie; an 8 page mini-dream-comic, Cannibal Corpse on the Turnpike; Warehouse on Poplar, which is a very quiet, magical-realism comic; and back issues of Milkyboots, of course.


E*phi said...

Yay, go girl! I can so relate to most of this: noticing what I haven't done (but should have) but not really being able to tell what the heck I *did* do with all that time, being pissed due to winter time and layering... So glad the days are getting longer already (theoretically)!
(And I think I'll treat myself to something from your etsy store when I get my next pay check - there are some things I certainly would love to have to make winter a little more bearable ;) )

Hang in there - spring will come, eventually!

milkyboots said...

Thanks lady! I always get excited when the days are getting longer too, even if I can't really tell, lol.
I haven't commented yet, but I totes lurk on your blog from time to time...and I love your work.