Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gossip Squirrel


A little break from all the soul-searching I've been subjecting you guys to. Enjoy!


PatrickD said...

"The worst part is that I got hiccups afterward."
There's a great line to not have in full context!

E*phi said...

I've got no idea what a gossip squirrel is (maybe a TV series?) but I'm always delighted to see one of your comics!
@PatrickD: He-he, same thought! :D

milkyboots said...

E*phi - it's what Liana calls Gossip Girl, which is a TV series - a sort-of-terrible, guilty pleasure TV series.
Thanks for reading, both of you!

E*phi said...

Aaah, yeah. I kinda expected something like that.

Btw, I just ordered something from your enchanting etsy shop and can't wait to find that parcel in my mailbox. I've been ogling that pendant for aaages... <3

milkyboots said...

It's in the mail, thanks!