Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nib pens and bowties.


As it seems very unlikely I'll get a diary comic done this week, I'm instead posting a drawing from my forthcoming fiction zine (YA fantasy if you must know). This is the main character, Meredith. I'm not great at texture or drawing with a nib pen, but I'm happy with the way this one turned out.
I probably won't be posting next week because I'll be in Austin, visiting slurpee connoisseurs Melinda Boyce and Aron Whitaker and also working at Staple!

I will be adding bowties to my etsy shop over the next couple days! Here is one being modeled by my lovely and patient girlfriend:

Aaaaannnnddd...since February's nearly over, it seems as good a time as any to revisit my monthly goals! This is what they were:

-Have an awesome birthday!
-Continue going to yoga twice a week and doing core exercises.
-Make bowties for Olivia's birthday and to sell in my etsy shop.

The Courier #1. It's mostly done, I just need to do a few more illustrations.
-Finish half of
Just Sayin' #1 (with the long-term goal of having it done by Stumptown Comics Fest.)
-Make an apron for my mom's birthday.

-If I have the time or inclination, make an overnight bag for myself before I go to Austin for

-Do my taxes, because I'm one of those annoying people who gets them done early.

I did not do great this month - I got one through three done (though I missed a lot of yoga). I've been busier than I imagined I would be - I was invited last minute to be in an art show and the girlfriend and I's birthdays combined probably took up a week combined (including hangovers/recovery). I'm very close to having The Courier #1 done though! I'm sad to say I did not ink a single line of Just Sayin' #1, or make my mom's apron (she might just get a souvenir), or do my taxes. But that's okay! I think I was thinking February was longer and set my goals too high.

So March!

-Continue core exercises and yoga!
-Buy seeds and starts for the garden.
-Finish The Courier #1.
-Get most of Just Sayin' #1 done.
-Make a new cover for my bike seat.
-Work on my growing pile of fabric! Maybe a cover for my comforter, maybe some bags to sell?
-Try to save. I went kind of wild with buying things this month, with the excuse that it was my birthday.

That looks more doable!

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PatrickD said...

I didn't know that you still experimented with nib pens! This looks lovely.
I may have to get one of your bowties eventually-- it'll look nice with the waistcoat I one day hope to own.