Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mythological Water Creatures


I want to include some notes for this entry:

1. I'm not so great at drawing amphibians - I think I was going for Counselor Troi in that one episode of TNG where everyone's devolving - but missed the mark, haha. At least Jenny looks cute.
2. I can never remember how to spell Bulleit. I imagine that it's a side affect of drinking it.
3. The rum is not squid-flavored.
4. Olivia is slightly obsessed with Justin Bieber.
5. I have no idea why Winchel kept taking his shirt off, but it was pretty amusing.
6. There was chocolate icing on everything the next day.
7. I'm an old lady.

So, yeah, it was pretty amazing! In other news, Milkyboots #12 is still for sale in my shop and regular reader E*Phi posted some fantastic Milkyboots fan art on her blog!

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Amanda Flispart said...

I love "amphibious maidens." My new band name.