Thursday, March 19, 2009



Yesterday was one of those days when everyone was conspiring against me. I realized most of the comics I do about John involve me yelling at him. Why? It's so much fun! I'm sure if you met John you would enjoy yelling at him as well.

Update: Holy crap, I am on the front page of Microcosm's site! AHHHHHHH Awesome!


Allan said...

So did you like Kings enough to keep watching?

milkyboots said...

I think so, but I didn't get to watch the whole episode ... I like the premise. Sometimes I have trouble with shows that have granite-faced old dudes as the main character (ex. the new Battlestar Galactica).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you beat your roomate with a wooden spoon? I did a couple of plays with this girl who would beat her bf with a wooden spoon, she usually went for the balls.