Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yeah, March! (With silly poetry)


Here are the rest of my Spanish poems:

Mano ellas pintura favor
Macho ian quiet pod
Eres e azul infierno

Sol jade estamos
Grande sexual que
Detras desliz estas
Mejor marea pero
Ha eramos rio facil

Mi de corr
O con una
Esta las mov
Piedra dos alla
Pasion an estar
Eso goz er cada el vez!
Si todavia despiert no
Oscur lejos por ias ido
Crud golpe

Ador comida emos
Necesit o

I probably don't need to mention that I don't speak ANY Spanish.

John and I made beer on Friday. It will be the hoppiest, most alcoholic IPA ever made. The recipe we used was called "Indiana Pale Ale" so I kept calling it "CaliKentuckiana Pale Ale."


Matisse Flanagan said...


Hand they painting Male favor ian quiet pod You are and blue hell Sun jade we are Great sexual that Behind desliz these Better tide but There are eramos easy river My of corr Or with one This mov Stone two there Passion an to be That goz er each the time! If still despiert nonOscur far by ias gone Crud blow Eaten Ador emos With me Necesit or Muert

Paul said...

Oh we'll have to do a swap. Your pale ale for my peanut butter porter. And now if you ever come to visit me I have an activity we can do. Weeee!

Anonymous said...

Your poem sounds really good (I don't speak Spanish either).