Thursday, March 12, 2009

Commander of Moths!


Argh, no time to draw a new one for you today, I gotta go to the post office, then I have an interview at the Tin Shed (! I hope I get it!) and then I have to go help Lux with some fashion show...How did I get busy? I have no idea. I didn't draw one last night because I was watching Hellboy 2 and then my roommates demanded cookies and did I mention I stapled all thirty-five copies of Milkyboots #6 I made for Microcosm WRONG? So I had to go to the IPRC and sit there for like an hour and half unstapling and then restapling them and listening to the volunteers talk about people I've read about in other people's comics.

Huff! Anyway, this is the first three panels of the jam comic I did with a bunch of other folks at the IPRC's Comics and Coffee thing. I like Patrick's panel (middle one) the best. He said it was hard to draw my style, but his take on my style is what I wish my style looked like.

PS. Yes, I know it's cut off but the print is too small to read otherwise.

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