Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mystery Solved

... rather anticlimatically, as it turns out. I walked into Katherine's pumpkin carving party on Monday and there was Kirby, carving the same face into a much larger pumpkin. But there's still the strange corn incident.


All true. I did make JWoolard drop her cigarette and I have started playing Oberin, a MMORPG (I just learned what that stood for). To make it even geekier, it is a game for Mac users only. So far the only things I'm good at in the game are eating, getting presents from my fellow players and leading monsters to the same unsuspecting fellow players while I'm trying to run away. Honestly, it's a pretty poor replacement for Woolard, who I am going to miss to pieces.

There was something else ...

Oh yes, my tentative top ten for 2008:
Cut Copy - In Ghost Colors
Why? - Alopecia
The Most Serene Republic - Population
Foals - Antidotes
The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me
Ladytron - Velocifero

And I can't remember the rest right now.

I remembered a few more ...
Crystal Castles - s/t
Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

Sorry, Allan, I haven't listened to the new Girl Talk, but I've still got two months to go.


Allan said...

No Girl Talk? Boo

Anonymous said...

hey, I love you, Virginia.
By the way, we need to schedule this coming week's holding appointment (;

I wonder who you made out with....

(oh and by the way, to confirm I am not a robot, the computer is having me type out "hicapsil". say that aloud, it's funny.)


Anonymous said...

I knew it had to be Kirby making mustachioed pumpkins.

I can't imagine you playing a role playing game. Stop disassociating Virginia. I thought you would at least make a Woolard paper doll first. Maybe I will make you a stuffed version instead of a monster.