Sunday, October 12, 2008

Milkyboots Contest!

That's right, I'm holding a contest! My friend Megan O's wedding is next Sunday and one lucky MB fan* gets to be my date. I'm ripping off Mark (he had a contest for who would be his #8 on his myspace top 8), but I don't think he'll mind. So, if you want to enter, write a short essay about why I should take you to the wedding and send it to my email (vlpaine at yahoo dot com). I'll pick whoever I think did best by Friday.

From an actual conversation a couple hours ago:


*If such a person actually exists.


j. woolard said...

you turd, you know you have fans. good to see the comics back in action. cahoots tomorrow. promise.

Paul said...

Something tells me you won't be using your proceeds from zine sales to kick in for the plane ticket to get to Louisville for this shindig, eh? I mean, assuming I win, of course.

milkyboots said...

Sure, but I don't know how much $12 will help.

Anonymous said...

I would totally let you fly me out so I could embarrass the crap out of you at a strangers wedding. I hope to grow up and become the crazy drunk aunt at functions.