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And If I Recover

I've been practicing my colorwork on photocopies of my comics!

Monday, November 18, 2013


If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I have been rewatching Babylon 5.  I think this show is pretty underrated!  Yes, the CGI is embarrassing (now), some of the dialogue is terrible and the cast is very white.  However!  It also has layers upon layers of plot (political intrigue!  conspiracies! fascism! small war stuff!  big war stuff!  like millenia-old, manipulated by god-like aliens, horrifying war stuff!  personal drama!  drug addiction! tragedy!  reconciliation! romance!), genuine character development (as in, there are no easily hate-able or likable characters, and everyone grows and changes), and multiple fucking plot lines you have to pay attention to.  Like important stuff happens in every episode, even the ones that seem like throwaways.  It's like the way TV is written now, but it's from the mid-90s.
As a kid raised on Star Trek, this show blew my mind and has definitely informed a lot of my writing.
That's all.  Ivanova out.

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The Windows Open Wide

Someday I'll stop being such a lazy asshole about cleaning up my drawings after scanning...someday.