Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy and ?

First off, who the fuck keeps leaving produce on my porch? First the corn. Then on Friday I came home from work to find a fully carved pumpkin on my deck. No note or anything.

Mystery Gift

Today is the first day in a long, long time that I have actually been happy. It feels amazing! I had a plan for last night and accomplished everything I set out to do at JWoolard, Will and Marianne's going away party:
-cry (Well, I teared up when Woolard said she'd miss me. Close enough.)
-got in the photobooth with Woolard
-made out with someone
-had fun, made it home safely and went to bed alone

I had a nice walk to Star's this afternoon to get my bike. The weather is perfect today. Sigh.


Paul said...

That's actually a pretty cool pumpkin to get! There's nothing scarier I can think of this year than Uncle Moneybags screaming at me. I may have to steal that design. h

Kristine "Kiki" Rakowsky, Mastermind said...

Corn and now a really cool pumpkin? Wow. Beats the heck out of a baby in a basket!