Friday, August 8, 2008

Brontok is a venereal disease.

Look, I dragged my tablet to work just to draw a new picture for you guys!


Two things:

1. For those of you that read MB #4, I have a confession. Rachel did not tell the story about the shopvac. She didn't even know what a shopvac is. So I either a) heard it from someone else and my alcohol-addled brain got Rachel confused with someone else or b) completely made it up, or hallucinated hearing it. In either case, my mind, particularly my subconscious, needs a round of psychiatric testing and possibly rehab as well.
Damn. I could've sworn it was Rachel.

2. Any of you lurkers have suggestions for new music for me to listen to? All I've been listening to is a mix labeled "This is 1995-2002" made up of things I listened to during those years. And Destiny's Child (Don't ask).


Anonymous said...

New music: Giveupnewyork, Women, Bodies of Water, The Notwist, Computer vs. Banjo (a little cheesy), The Faint, Dirty Pretty Things, Kleerup & Air France

Old music, that if you don't know, you should: Messer Chups (incredible), Liger, YMCK, Out Hud, The Radio Dept., Burial, Album, Pelle Carlberg (if you like Jens Lekman), Leeni, Gui Boratto, The Go Find & any and everyone from Labrador Records (they have a new free sampler out)

j. woolard said...
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j. woolard said...

marianne told me the story 1st... i just didnt want to call you out on it.

milkyboots said...

well, i feel dumb. must be an urban legend or something.

j. woolard said...

i don't think it's an urban legend... i'm pretty sure you heard it from marianne.

milkyboots said...

kay. i guess all blondes look the same to me. well, apologize to marianne for me.

marianne said...

wait...did you make a comment of that story? i definitely told it to you. it's so fucking funny. i want to see that comic! where is it?