Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All Apologies.

Is there anyone else I can piss off, disappoint or make things really awkward with this week? No? Okay, I'll just go crawl back into my hole then.


10 for 5

-Amy taking me to Whole Foods, squeezing through tiny spaces and driving through St. Matthews which some how got us stoned.
-B Vitamins
-Clay Buffet parties
-Brendan, for fixing my broken bike ride
-halflink! I no longer have a loose chain
-tofu stirfry breakfast at North End
-watching MST3K while drawing (Yes, I'm a nerd. I don't give a shit what you think of me)
-how hilarious it is that everyone takes myspace so seriously
-rediscovering coffee heart attacks
-my trip to Wisconsin in Sept. (BBQ Seitan! New Glarus beer!)
+1 dancing to 'Mushaboom' with Kayti

Also, Andrew (the Louisville one), we really are going to be friends or I'm gonna kick your box-toting, recovering-WoW-addict ass.


Paul said...

Aw, dagnabbit! I'm heading up to Wisconsin in a couple weeks, so we'll miss each other by a month. Consider me another disappointed person this week.

By the by, which episode did you watch?

milkyboots said...

Well, I had to get one more in there. Now I'm disappointed too.

I watched Parts: The Clonus Horror. "I was killing my brother the other day..." Hah!