Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blah blah blah new zine blah blah.

That's right, Milkyboots #5: Summer 2008 Diary is out now. You can order it on my etsy site: Sirop Du Ingenue Shop. It's also for sale at Cherry Bomb or you can buy it from me directly (or trade me for a drink or artwork).

I haven't had time to do another blog comic, so I hope y'all will accept a list as a substitute. I made it in an attempt to de-stress.

Things I don't need to think about for the next week:

-the logistics of moving a cat, a bike, a sewing machine and myself to Portland
-exactly how gay I am
-artwork for the split with JWoolard
-artwork for the $10 art show
-whether or not I can actually afford a work off week
-whether or not I'm gaining weight
-being re-addicted to caffeine
-whether or not I'm fucking with anyone's heads
-buying groceries
-rent, phone bill, LG&E
-all the other stupid inane stuff I worry about


j. woolard said...

i decided to stop worrying about caffeine addiction the same day! it's just easier that way. to accept the fact that there may be a point in my life when i get cranky if i don't have caffeine. 'cause i haven't been drinking caffeine for years, and plenty of other things make me cranky. i might as well be awake and alert during the whole process.

sarah spills said...

daniel showed me your blog and i think it's pretty much the greatest. good luck in portland!