Friday, July 11, 2008

Vinegar with a Hint of Vitriol.


The lesson here is:

A. Don't buy an old steel frame if it doesn't have lugs ( Without these babies, the frame isn't worth the $15 you paid the methhead at the corner of Oak and Preston.

B. If you're going to leave tiny annoying papercuts on my poor stupid heart, expect to get shit on in my blog and zine for weeks, even months afterwards (True heartbreak is too good for I can happily post this knowing 'fire-crotch' will never read this, since I have reverted in status to what I am to most hetero-male scenesters: someone to talk about bikes at. I can't wait til dude needs to use a sewing machine or floor pump and tries to re-friend me.

(I wrote all that last night, when I was feeling considerably more short tempered than I am now. I have a few things:
1. Can someone tell me how to make my http addresses that I paste in here clickable links?
2. Blender is the worst music magazine ever.
3. This grossed me out: I put a picture of Anna breathing fire on my flickr page with a note that said basically, My Fourth of July was awesomer than yours cause I got to see a topless girl breath fire. Well, that picture got 215 hits the day I put it up, more than the rest of my photos combined. So I changed the wording of the description to 'babe breathing fire'. It's gotten 4 hits since. You people are idiots! It's the internet. The porn flows freely and free. You don't need to go trolling flickr for naked pictures of girls.)

Love ya! Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

take out the periods (except for .com) from the following, and it would show up as a link

<.a href=""><./a>

milkyboots said...


j. woolard said...

dude. it's way easier then that. you just hightlight what ever word you want to be a link, then click on that little picture of a chain link. then you just put your web address in the spot it tells you to.