Sunday, July 6, 2008

I miss Oregon. (Sort of)


And speaking of places where I used to live:

Only in Ashland, only in Ashland. Seriously.


Paul said...

Hey now, it seems that you moved to Ashland for the same reason (but she seems a wee more deluded than you).

But on another note, what of the kids who leave Madison for sunny Florida (and conspire to move back to the cold as soon as possible)? Your neat stereotype needs an update.

j. woolard said...

am i that deluded "she" he is talking about??? i never said anything about kids and chicago. i only know 2 that moved there.

...does that mean strangers think i say these things?

Paul said...

My apologies. No, no, I am speaking of the naked hippie (in that she apparently moved to Ashland for much the same reason Virginia did - it sounded like a cool liberal town but quickly turned into a wretched liberal nightmare).

Based on Virginia's exploits on here I'd have to say j. is the least deluded (and most sarcastic) person in Virginia's life. And I kind of hope you really say these things, so just indulge me and say it's all true.

Anonymous said...

You should go to my blog and see what my Grandfather said about Earth Friend Jen, you should also check out her Myspace page.