Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rowdy Lesbian-Brand Cupcakes

1. Jen Sorensen is hilarious. (Read 'Santa Claus or Beyonce')


My aunt and uncle came to visit us sometime when I was in high school. My cousin Noah was three and insisted on watching Aladdin at least five times a day. And let me tell you after a couple days of that, your mind starts to go and you find yourself thinking, "You know, that Aladdin character is pretty cute..."
But don't think that the grossness ends there. Daniel was haranging me about getting enough B vitamins a few days ago, reminding me that lack of B vitamins can cause schizophrenia. And I remembered a couple weeks ago when I was holed up in my apartment, not talking to anyone. I rented a season of Futurama and again, started thinking "Frye ... Leela ... hmm."
I started taking my B vitamin supplements again after that.

3. 10 for 29

-Derek at On Your Left and finally finding a decent mechanic
-Stars 'Division'
-Kleerup "History'
-Black Kids "Hit the Heartbrakes'
-Plans for a split with JWoolard, holla! (But intimidating too.)
-The Snack Institute
-Daniel and Kayti being in town
-Homemade Thai Iced Tea
-Rob, who now calls me 'Bread Fairy' instead of Virginia
-Skeleton Royal, who calls me 'Milkyboots' instead of Virginia
+1 Talking to my mom and dad

4. My Apple Care is about to expire. It costs $249. It would be AWESOME if someone could buy this diptych I made, conveniently priced at $250. The photo kind of sucks, but I'm not a photographer. I'm just a girl who does drawings.

5. I did some more tablet drawings. You can see them on my flickr page.

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Anonymous said...

If I had an extra $250 laying around I'd totally buy that.