Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Stamp Foodie #2

Hello all! I have finished the second issue of my cheap & easy vegan recipe zine, Food Stamp Foodie. It is available in my etsy shop (enter the coupon code HELLOAUGUST for 10% off!).

I have had a very eventful week with the Portland Zine Symposium; the little cat escaping and returning, and then going to the vet; my boss continuing to be in the hospital; receiving rushed orders for bags; and all the other, regular stuff like doing the dishes that just seems impossible sometimes. I'll be working both days this weekend and dogsitting, but mostly missing my girlfriend since she's leaving for a week and a half today.

I'm hoping that next week will be quieter and I will just be able to buckle down and get a bunch of drawing done, so keep your eye on this site! New art may be up soon!

Milkyboots #13 is done (it was actually completed before Zine Symposium) but due to CS2/CS3 issues and my own impatience after a long-ass day, I did not get to print it. But! I'm hoping to do it on Sunday, so it should be on my etsy next week.

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