Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Melinda is awesome, and her comics are beautiful. Check them out.

I'm back, sort of, and I have NEWS!

-I will be tabling for Sparkplug Comic Books at APE! It's October 16th and 17th in San Francisco. I won't have much for sale, but I will have the newest Milkyboots. Also, all the Sparkplug books are great and you should come check them out. I think I will be working with Julia Wertz of the Fart Party for a little bit. Should be interesting.

-There are several nice reviews of my new zines over on Hello Amber!. Also, her new distro, Fight Boredom!, is pretty great.

-I applied for the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant and the Xeric Grant last month. Phew!

-I still need another job.

-Check out my etsy shop! I still have lots of zines and cute things for sale.

-I will probably be in Brooklyn in December, for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. Again, courtesy of Sparkplug!

-Sorry about all the exclamation points! I think I'm trying to counteract this grey, rainy day with exciting punctuation.

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Marissa W. said...

Go punctuation, GO!
If you need a place to stay on the way there or back from SF you're always welcome here!