Thursday, October 21, 2010


I don't know if you all remember, but there was a point in my life when I drew comics! I forgot too, I guess cause I've been feeling all burnt-out and "slumpy".
Anyway, here is a continuation of my catch-up stuff:


And here is a scribble I did at the Oakland Airport:


APE was fun and I got to meet lots of cool people and hang out with JWoolard (Remember her? She is still quite awesome!).


E*phi said...

I wish I couldn't relate *that* well... I'm incredibly delighted to find this new post though! :) (Even though I'm a terrible lurker, usually.)
I wish you all the best and cuddly-sunshine-rainbow-cotton-candy-clouds that rain fluffy kittens. Or, you know, something equally comforting.

Kim said...

How big is your apartment?! By my count, you've got five people and a cat living there.

Also, still want to see more of the story you're writing/drawing!

milkyboots said...

@E*phi - Thanks, I appreciate the wishes!
@Kim - My house is pretty huge - we have four rent-paying people and two cats. I'll probably be posting more of the story this Sunday.

Thanks for reading!