Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Days.

I forgot to grab my diary sketchbook before coming to the IPRC today, so instead I offer you page two of Just Sayin', that thing that I'm trying to get a grant for. Wheew, it has been a busy week and it's not going to get any less busy 'round here anytime soon!
I want to remind y'all that I will be in SanFran this weekend for the Alternative Press Expo! Come visit!
My friend Annie Murphy has a really awesome project up on Kickstarter called Gay Genius! I heartily encourage you to donate if you can.
And finally, some asshole is being an asshole to zinesters and stealing their work without permission. Read about it on Hello Amber!


Kim said...

This comic looks interesting! :D Does it go along after the page where the guy was trying to find Carla?

milkyboots said...

Yes, it's the second page of that story! Thanks!

Kim said...

Omigosh, this is interesting because I want to know who Carla is, and also who the girl at the front counter on this page is. You must post more so I can find out! >:D