Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NYE, Party Time!


I apologize for the quality of this one, I haven't been around a scanner lately! I got laid off this week, so if anything, I'll at least be able to scan more often. If anyone has ideas for work for me, I'm open to suggestions. Sigh. On the positive side, Prop 66 & 67 passed in Oregon, meaning my roommate can keep working in her field and lots of adults with developmental disabilities will continue getting the support and care they need.

I know I've mentioned this blog before, but it still blows my mind and makes my heart ache everytime I read it: Every Saturday Morning.

You will be missed, Howard Zinn.


andy said...

thanks for the link virginia. hope you're doing well.

in other louisville news... this is cool:

stormgren said...

A policy for cleavage? That's the Virginia I know. I'm stoked you're getting caught up!

d ogo said...
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