Friday, January 8, 2010

In Madison.

You know you're slacking when one of your favorite comics artists complains you haven't been posting enough. I'll try to get caught back up!



-For some reason, Willy St. Co-op has never had good drip coffee. Everything else there is delicious, but not the coffee.

-The Xinjiang Uygher Autonomous Region has been called China's new Tibet. There was a good article in National Geographic about some of the crackdowns on political protests there, but I can't find it on the internets. Here is an article about the leader of the Uighur Movement, she is pretty great!

-Louisvillians! Yesterday I mailed 5 copies of Milkyboots #9 to Cherry Bomb, so expect to see them there soon.


Marissa said...

That's such a cat thing to do... I want to see your parents in comics!

NJG said...

thank you for posting again! you are offering a valuable service to the world with your comics blog!!!