Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Head Explodes.


10 for 13 (plus +6!)

-sitting at home, drinking bourbon in my running clothes
-cried while checking email
-finished 'Western Star' rewrite (let me know if you want to read it)
-stared at phone, waiting for people to call
-forgot to tell JWoolard about idea for art show
-racked up karmic debt (gifts of shoes, tire tubes and vegan chocolate pie)
-Gretchen and I drinking bourbon and reading to each other from our journals
-chastized by Cousin Laura for smoking near a kid
-talked to Megan's mom on the phone
-tried to download the Photographic's new album. password failed due to GUILT
-called Nick Campbell back
-text from Kayti: "NW Portland is Madarye" (reply: you just made my year)
-downloaded Alkaline Trio reissue, which helped start the crying
-made up a new phrase: "Gotta maintain my asstits"
-house internets not working
-head exploded

1 comment:

j. woolard said...

relish is still on my list... and star, if you're reading this, i only went once. it will never happen again!