Monday, March 3, 2008

Broad & Chestnut, Center City

10 for 3

-Sensefield "Love Song"
-Playing air guitar and singing "Love Song" while riding my bike
-Gretchen, who manages to look fly always, even in an oversize, ragged Bob Dylan shirt, tight black pants and plastic boombox necklace
-the weather, duh
-prom party!
-Bell's 2Hearted
-Crystal Castle's remix of "Lovers who Uncover"
-text message from Daniel that simply said 'nerd'
-toasted marzipan
-getting a fender for my bike just in time for all the rain



j. woolard said...

my arms look funny and i dont have a waist.

milkyboots said...

sorry, the frame size does weird things sometimes. the next one'll be better.