Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello, again. Sigh.

Yes, I'm back. No, I haven't drawn any new comics, which has been pointed out. I am actually rather busy and my downtime in Wisconsin was spent ripping my CD collection onto my computer. The good news is if you want anything put out by Polyvinyl or Saddle Creek between 1995 and 2003 or any Pavement (or Her Space Holiday. Why the fuck did I buy so much Her Space Holiday?) I probably have it and can burn you a copy.

I did make one drawing while I was gone, with my mom. Who apparently thinks that she is a tree.


My mom is actually a pretty talented artist, but instead of drawing she wanders around muddy fields talking to farmers about fescue and nitrogen ratios.

10 for Wisconsin

-seeing my fam and Jenny and Chandra
-vegan pizza with pineapple and green olives from the Glass Nickel
-New Glarus beer
-Lake Louie beer
-Whatever beer I kept drinking at Maduro (On my last night there, the bartender asked if I wanted 'my beer' like I was a regular!)
-driving (I know, I know. But through the country on a sunny day with windows down, blasting the Jealous Sound ... perfect.)
-Doing crosswords at the Mermaid Cafe with Jenny
-how badly Chandra and I suck at pool
-the suit of armor my brother made
-my new green down vest with fur-trimmed hood (that I will not be able to put on again until December)
+1 -canning tomato salsa with my mom


Unknown said...

whats wrong is everywhere or anxious arms? had the same experience this spring in portland (on bike of course, you silly turncoat)

milkyboots said...

My two favorite songs! It's like you can read my heart!

Anonymous said...

eee. i had a 'yer space holiday' cd too.