Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So my friend Erica is starting a social networking site for Louisville-area queer ladies and tomorrow night is a silent auction to raise funds for this site. I have two pieces in the show. So you should come, and prove exactly how big an art whore you are.

It would mean a lot to me if JWoolard would come. (Even though I missed her video thing last week.)


This is true. I thought it was hilarious. All the charges were made this month, which is also silly, since I keep my credit card frozen in a cup of ice (so I can only use it if I plan ahead). It's been there since the beginning of August. I had to break the cup so I could call customer service.


j. woolard said...

i see... now i HAVE to go.

Anonymous said...

We can cram one more in the car if you're interested in going to Cincinnati tonight to see WHY?

It should be a pretty awesome show...

Here's the info

Anonymous said...

i think you're a genius for freezing your credit card.