Monday, September 22, 2008



For all you non-Louisvillians, there was a huge storm (just wind, no rain unfortunately) last Sunday that knocked down trees and power lines all over the city, leaving three quarters of the city without electricity. Somehow, my house, which is surrounded on two sides by huge old trees and questionably attached power lines, survived unscathed.

Okay, back to work. I'm trying to write and my shoulder won't stop twitching. Weird.


j. woolard said...

i ain't mad at ya! not your fault. granted, it is kinda frustrating that EVERYONE except norris house and goddard house got their power this weekend. being mad won't turn the lights back on. but it does give me a better excuse to drink then, say, building a higher tolerance.

milkyboots said...

i know you're not mad. i'm sorry that i use your character just so i have someone to reply to all my dumb thoughts.

I should make some kind of announcement: Attention, readers: JWoolard depicted bears little resemblance to actual JWoolard. Actual JWoolard is joking when she tells you to fuck off. Actual JWoolard voluntarily hugged me (twice!). Virginia is actually the mean one, who is gloating about the fact that all the rich assholes in the Eastend haven't had power for a week. Virginia is the one who deletes people from her myspace friends and stomps on puppies and throws bricks through your window and shit.