Friday, August 26, 2016

Update #3!

Hey all!You may have noticed I did some reworking on my Patreon!  I wanted to make early updates more accessible and make the $5/month level a little bit sweeter for y'all.  If you are a $5 patron and don't have copies of Mushroom Guardians or Milkyboots #15, please message me your address and I will send them to you.
And now, news:
-I got a new job!  It's at a local arts and crafts supply store.  It's giving me lots of ideas for things to make.
-I just finished a 10-day house/dog sit.  Running back and forth between the new job, my house and the house of the pup was pretty exhausted and I ended up spending a lot of time playing Diablo 3* to recover instead of drawing.  Here's a weird thing about other people's houses: they don't usually have good drawing spaces haha.  I'm glad to be back at my house and have enough time to make it to my studio.
-I got into Short Run!  I'll be up in Seattle November 5th, hopefully with a new minicomic or zine.  I didn't get into Emerald City Comic-Con, but I didn't really think I would.
-I'll start my "Month of Favorite Characters" project (available for $5+ patrons) on September 1st.  First up: the biologist from the Southern Reach Trilogy.

Things I've been enjoying:
-#trashcake plays Bioshock Infinite.  Writer Soha Kareem and game dev Scott Benson play Binfinite, talk about problematic themes and writing decisions, and make jokes about ghost queefs and man-sized raccoons.
-Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore (Silver Sprocket, 2016).
-Stay Crazy by Erica Satifka (Apex, 2016).

Thanks for reading! <3 p="">

*Smashing barrels and bashing monster heads is pretty good stress relief.

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