Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blog Post #2

Hey All,
Well dang, it's been a week for me!  I was double pet-sitting this weekend, plus going home to give Lyra her medicine, so I've been doing a lot of running around.  The exercise has been good for my brain chemistry, so that's been nice.  Next week I'll be taking care of a bulldog, a cat and a rabbit!
I've had two job interviews, so things are looking up in that department.
In creative/doing stuff news:
  • I put my diary comics zine up on etsy.  It's $3 and includes all the comics I did for my Patreon supporters.
  • Free Code Camp (the site I was using to learn code) jumped way too far ahead for me, so I am supplementing it with Codecademy and some YouTube tutorials.  I'll cobble together a portfolio site eventually!
  • For Patreon supporters, I am hoping to put together a sketchbook PDF this week and start another month-long project.  I am thinking of doing 28 days of my favorite characters this time.  These will probably be collected into a zine for Short Run in November.
  • Haven't done much writing, either for the WHYs or for my Twine game.  Hopefully next week.
Things I've been Enjoying:
  • rachelsarahlevy's mixes on 8tracks, particularly the "x was 20 Years Ago" ones.  I listened to them while cleaning and got sent into a Tori Amos spiral.  Little Earthquakes is a really good album!
  • Noel Heimpel's Ignition Zero is on hiatus so now is a good time to catch up before the epilogue.  Gorgeous queer urban magic comics.
  • Austin Walker's games writing, particularly "Real Human Beings", "Me, On the Screen" and his first impressions of No Man's Sky.  His writing is aware in a really personal, enjoyable and intelligent way.
  • Everything O Horvath does.  Weird queer fantasy illustration and comics, populated by chubby cuties and futuristic horrors.
  • My friend and wonderful human being Kevin Czap's Kickstarter.  Czap Books puts out the best comics, for real.

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