Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crying & Ironing.


Um, yeah. I've been feeling better lately, partly because we've actually had some sun, and partly because I started taking my mood-stabilizing herb cocktail again. I've never been diagnosed as depressed, but I've been struggling with it at least since middle school. It comes and it goes and I try to find healthy ways to deal.

I started doing some watercolors this week but forgot to bring them downtown to scan. Maybe on Thursday! Also I put a bunch of new crafty things in my shop - please peruse!


Kim said...

The new layout is nice! Less confusing, somehow.

Also, I sometimes have depression days too. It's weird. I get into a horrible mood and can't draw or do anything. I don't know how I manage to get over them either. D:

But, good luck with getting over your mood, and getting a job and/or getting published.

milkyboots said...

Thanks! And thanks for the feedback. It feels easier to read to me too.

Also, I like your blog!