Sunday, June 13, 2010

Candidate? Candidate!


I am still plugging along, about a month behind, with the diary. I hope to get caught up soon, but it seems unlikely since it *finally* got nice out here in Portland.

Some things for you to remember!

-Saturday, June 26th is the release party for the Stumptown Underground mythology/folklore issue, which I have a 3 page story in. It's at the Waypost; they didn't hire me last year but are still pretty cool.

-Friday, July 9th I am doing a reading! With other diary comics folk Jesse Reklaw, Clutch McBastard and Melinda Boyce! Jesse organized it, he was my teacher and also his book, Ten Thousand Things To Do, is pretty great. It's at Reading Frenzy, which is also pretty great.

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