Sunday, December 14, 2008

"I just love the gap in your teeth!"


I went to the Nach Bar last night to meet up with Cory so we could nerd out and from the moment I got there until this morning everything has been hilarious. I was accosted by some drunk girl in the bathroom who asked me if I was a lesbian ten seconds after she met me and pretty much indicated that she wanted me to take her, right then, despite there being no lock on the door, holes in the door and a crowd of hipsters right outside. Since I am a gentleman (and she wasn't my type) I did not.
Soon afterwards Amy showed up and we went to Seidenfadens where, instead of having karaoke, they were showing a video of people singing karaoke. Then Amy and I got really stuck on the idea of breakfast and went home early so breakfast would come sooner.

It doesn't sound as funny written down. Oh well.

News: Milkyboots #6 by the end of the week. T-shirts by Friday. My parents are lending me their truck to move. Soon, soon, I will be wading through the muddy puddles of Portland.

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Marissa W. said...

I will send you monies Right Now!