Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gretchen and I are getting ahead of ourselves

I offered to write beats for Gretchen's MC project. We were talking about it yesterday when I was at work. I admitted that I don't really know how to; I can barely use Logic and haven't even looked at Garage Band. But still, it seems like I should try.
"I always get ahead of myself with these things," I said, standing to dump espresso grounds. "I'm already imagining us playing shows."
"Me too!" Gretchen agrees. "We're gonna play shows, do videos, get famous ... and I'll get to make out with Aesop Rock." I'm laughing as Gretchen continues, "I like that my big plan involves making out with Aesop Rock."
"Dude, we'll be so awesome," I say. "RJD2'll open for us."
"And Diplo ..."
"Fuck yeah!"
"Lauryn Hill will come to our show," Gretchen says. "I'm the only white person she likes."
I walk to the back, going to put dishes in the sink. "Justice'll want to make beats with me," I cry. "MSTKRFT will remix us!"
"MIA will be our best friend," Gretchen crows, then starts to sing, "M, M, I, I, A, A ..."

We're gonna be huge.

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