Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Birthday List

(my mom woke me up Saturday afternoon to ask me what I wanted for my birthday. here goes ...)

external hard drive
-bike multitool
-enclosure for my iBook hard drive
-copious amounts of bourbon
-$30 for a massage from my neighbor Patty
-self-love (non-masturbatory)
-a trip to the dentist
-the ability to teleport when it's below 15 degrees
-a tattoo
-a publishing agent
-a buddha machine
-blue and orange bracelets from Anthropologie
-a personal trainer for my fat-ass cat
-fake diamonds (more bling!)
-a JWoolard print

My friend Pam started an awesome blog to get ideas for a screen play. Check it out:


Pam Swisher said...

"Milkyboots"- I love this! I would like to see you get any number of these things- especially the Buddha machine. No, no, especially the ability to transport. No, no! Especially, copious amounts of bourbon.

Thanks for posting about the blog. Your next mission is to send me a picture of either yourself, or someone who you think represents your Girl Geek inside. (

Happy Birthday!

j. woolard said...

i think we can make the last one happen...