Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Tofurky Day!

Or, Happy Disacknowledging Genocide Day!


Or maybe not. We'll see. If you are wondering what Thursgay is, it is neither as horrible or as awesome as it sounds.

This is going to be my last list on Milkyboots, because if I see another list on the internet I will vomit.

10 for Thanksgiving (not in order)

-Howard Zinn, who is so great it makes me cry
-my hair having grown out enough that I don't *think* people are assuming things about my sexual orientation anymore
-E for Explosion, who sound like the Jealous Sound plus everything that was wrong with early-aughts emo-pop, and I don't care
-the one government subsidy I receive
-my friends and family
-Lyra, Pony and my 'puter
-sliding-scale therapists
-that I am, despite my best efforts, American
-all the musicians and artists that hold my little heart together
-myself, for being the awesomest Virginia I can be

+1 All y'all out there reading this!

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