Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stop Living All Over Me! what you'll be saying after you see this:


My first Tablet drawing! Obviously, I need some practice.

10 for 19

-Milkyboots #4 being done! You know you want it!
-Why? - Alopecia ("But I'd be okay cool as a rail if they just let us have health food in hell")
-Finest Dearest "March Into Flames"
-tablet, duh
-realizing I'm still really fucked in the head
-and addicted to caffeine
-tarot card readings by Jen
-Cousin Laura's yoga class (My second-ever handstand)
-being depressed for no good reason (Cousin Laura: "If I'm not depressed I'm stressed out." I couldn't agree more.)
-Marley in town


Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to put Why?'s album down since January...I was literally in a 30 minute discussion preaching the virtues of Why? as being 1) the album of the year, 2) the best thing to have ever come out of Cincy, and 3) one of the best concerts of the year. If you don't have Elephant Eyelash, get it. Also, Yoni frequently mentions his fixie, which might be part of your draw....

j. woolard said...

i'm kinda into the new drawings...

milkyboots said...

Why? is the #2 album of the year. CutCopy "In Ghost Colors" is the album of the year. See comic #42.